Date and Time:

The weekend of February 20nd - 22th, 2008.

Friday 6:00pm - 12:00 am
Saturday 9:00am - 12:00am
Sunday 9:00am - 12:00am


  • OpenSocial Status and Overview, by Kevin Marks from Google.
  • Monetizing Social Apps Panel, by successful OpenSocial developers and moderated by Julie Craft from OfferPal Media.
  • Zero to 30 million users on OpenSocial, by Dave Westwood, creator of BuddyPoke with over 30 million users on OpenSocial.
  • The Amazon AWS Platform, by Mike Culver from Amazon.
  • Building apps to reach millions of users, by Lalit Sarna, founder of Oxylabs Networks with over 40 million pages views a day on 6 social networks.
  • The State of the MySpace Platform, by Max Newbould,  Product Lead for MySpace OpenSocial.
  • Startup Metrics For Pirates, by Dave McClure. Angel investor and partner in Founders Fund. 
  • AppEngine update, by Google Engineer (TBD)



- Getting together and organization. It’s about the community, know the other teams and make new friends.
- Introduction to WeekendApps and plans for the weekend.
- 6:00 pm dinner
- 6:30 pm Kevin Marks: The state of OpenSocial
- 6:45 pm Dave Westwood: Zero to 30 million users
-7:00 pm Panel: monetizating social applications
- 7:30 pm Pitching ideas, forming teams
- Start coding

- All day dedicated to coding with the followings intermixed:
- Every 3 hours: qucik Team status updates about development progress. 
- 10:00 am Lalit Sarna: building successful OpenSocial apps.
- 10:15 am Fred Sauer: Google App Engine.
- 10:30 am Mike Culver: Building on Amazon’s AWS platform.
- Coding
- Cross-team activities for socializing and to sharing experiences.
- 6:30 dinner
- 7:00 pm Dave McClure: Startup Metrics For Pirates.
- 7:30 pm Max Newbould, Product Lead for MySpace OpenSocial.
- Teams aim to release first draft of their apps by 9:00pm to have time for debugging before they day ends. 


- Every 3 hours: Team status updates and feedback.
- Lightning Presentations (scaling, monetization, user experience)
- Cross-team activities for socializing and to sharing experiences.
- 8:00 pm Demos of launched apps & lessons learned

Demo Night (8:00pm on Sunday)

  • Food & Networking
  • Super fast demos of applications launched in the weekend.
  • Developers share their learned lessons.

2 Responses to “Schedule”

  1. Dave Doolin Says:

    Excellent, looks really good!

    Is there going to be a source code repository and if so, which one?

  2. David Newman (dnsf) Says:

    Looks like a great event.

    I’ll be posting portraits of participants (who agree to be drawn) to flickr during the event.

    Perhaps to UGLY.COM, too.

    See you there.

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