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My new blog Marketing Playlist Power is about my social media marketing efforts for the MySpace application Playlist Power launched on February 22, 2009.

Shirley’s Pictures

A message from our awesome photographer:

Boys and Girls,

My photography captured you while you least expected - that’s the fun of my little journey as the de facto photo journalist this weekend. We all thrived on this Nerdzz Fest like a collective brain energy generator.

I sure hope that our social relationship can continue. Since you boys and girls (well, and some puppies too) are my main objects, it’s probably best that you see it yourself.

On YouTube: (these clips are produced by Shirley using her photos and It looks creative, but actually all the rendering was done by this absolutely fun video-production-for-dummies-tool.)


Day 2

Day 2 Evening

Day 3 Demo & Launch Night

On Flickr: (All photos are downloadable and free for the sake of your future grandchildren. However, if you become extremely rich and famous one day such as known by 34 millions users as King of BuddyPoke, I will then charge you for licensing fees. But do feel free to re-post or trans-post on HotOrNot or better yet, on our homegrown apps - YummyDate, or “R U Clubbing?”, just so the prospect of having future grandchildren is on the higher probability, at least for some of you.)


Day 2

Day 2 Evening

Day 3 Demo&Launch Night

Thanks for letting me having such great experiences and meeting you all and making friends!

Shirley Lin at WooMeOver

Streaming live from Weekend Apps

Streaming live.

Fluffy Blog

One of the teams here - Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets is blogging here -> Fluff it away!

Start, Adapt, Do

“Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine. ~Robert C. Gallagher”

Luckily for us, this Weekend Apps OpenSocial event is hosted at Google and there are no vending machines (Thank you Google and other event sponsors!).

A long chain of networking interactions brought me to this event. A week ago I added my profile to the event Wiki page and detailed some simple ideas around “playlists” I thought might be easy enough to develop. Alex, a software developer attending San Jose State University, responded with a few questions and, after a few emails discussing the application, he was on board. I also emailed a friend, Geri, about the event and she also signed up to attend and brought in another friend of hers, Carl. At the event, even before the “idea pitching phase” of the event, with a little more networking, Alex found Bemmu who joined our team. Bemmu has taken the leadership role in the development, as he is the only one of us who has written successful MySpace apps before. Friday evening, we’d “Started”.

Adapting to the situation is usually required in any significant deadline driven effort. I’d looked at the MySpace Developer resources before the weekend and, unfortunately, I was not seeing API’s to pull in the data we needed to implement my original idea. Screen scraping might be an option. Bemmu wisely suggested we “drastically simplify” the playlist rating concept to “Thumbs up” and “Thumbs down” and concentrate on the social aspects of the applications that would allow for viral growth … friends asking other friends to rate their playlists. It was fun to think about application possibilities as a group, especially after a particularly engaging speaker presentation Friday around virtual currency. But getting back to more ‘result focused’ tasks was (and still is) required to meet the Sunday afternoon deadline. Bemmu and Alex had figured out some of the data profiling workarounds by late Friday evening (no MySpace API exists yet to easily get much of the data required for even our simplified app concept). Saturday, we were able to connect with Max from MySpace who came as a speaker. MySpace is planning on introducing some APIs that would be useful to our effort, but they are not available this weekend. So now we are well into many rounds of “Adapt” and “Do”.

It’s now Sunday with 5 hours left to complete. Much of the application is now working due to Bemmu’s and Alex’s nearly non-stop marathon-like coding efforts programming into the early morning hours with only short catnaps. Geri’s expertly designed character graphics add the necessary “cute factor” to make it stick to the MySpace target demographic. There are still issues solve. I see Bemmu and Alex doing lots of problem solving, simplifying where necessary, putting some feature ideas in the realm of ‘nice to have but maybe too time consuming’ category, adjusting and moving on. Carl and I have been making some sample playlists in our MySpace accounts for testing purposes. Carl is also thinking about ways to port the app over to Facebook (not this weekend). My ‘day job’ experience is in Marketing, so I’ll be concentrating on ways to promote the application once it goes live (posting “try this new MySpace app to have friends rate your playlist” on recording artists fan pages and other forums).

Each of us participating this weekend has probably done the “Start, Adapt, Do” sequence many times this weekend. It applies at many levels, even small tasks. You start with expectations and a problem solving approach based on past experiences. Through interacting with other people, you learn new things and gain new perspectives. This changes the way you approach solving problems to have an impact. You adapt. By the time you “do” a task, especially for the 1st time, you probably have stored a few “start ideas”, “adapt strategies”, and “do skills” to access for future use. Most importantly, meeting and working with other people, you broaden your perspective, make contacts, and expand the realm of your future possibilities … and have more fun on the journey. This is proving to be a truly memorable and rewarding weekend.

Quick Partial Recap

If the first day (Friday evening) looked like NBC’s reality TV show Apprentice then what followed on the day 2 and day 3 was very much like Survivor. The first day had some real drama and emotion similar to the Apprentice show when teams came together and ideas were hatched.

Friday started with a bang, starting with presentation from Kevin. The slides from his great presentation are online, here.

Dave’s presentation took us through Buddy Poke’s journey from ZERO users to 30 Million. Wow!  Liked what he mentioned about making sure you test your applications on really old computers. You would not believe the cyber-cafes in India and Indonesia still use those neanderthal computers - so make sure your app works with the lowest common denominator.

When Deepika Bajaj from Offerpal who moderated the panel on monetization asked the crowd - “Who here wants to make money from applications?”, no wonder almost all the hands went up. Long live capitalism! Real tested insights by Randall, Nick, Ben taught a thing or two about the $ side of the equation.

Then the real movie started with quick 30 second pitches by more than 20 participants. Here are the pictures on Flickr from Shirley’s photo journalism that tell the whole story.

This is going to be a memorable event. We already won in a mini-contest yesterday after creating a new business in 10 minutes. The business is called Nuclear Underwear.

Looking forward to the grand finale now.

General theory of WeekendApps participant mentality

Day 1. Wow, I’m at Google.
Day 2. Wow, I’m at Google.
Day 3. Wow, I’m tired!

Streaming live again

Unofficial video stream

Streaming from my iPhone

Friday Night Art

David Newman documented some of the action with his pen. Check it out:

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